How to Store Your Household Items during Remodeling


These simple yet practical storage tips will help you organize and protect your household items during your home remodeling.)

Are you looking to get your home remodeled or renovated?

Remodeling gives your home an exciting makeover. 

But it can’t be denied that it comes with some dilemmas. 

When the house is being renovated, you need to move a lot of items, and if you're not careful, you can end up with a lot of mess, clutter, and damages, take a look at this article on How to Clean Your Home Like a Pro, if thats something your worried about. You need to store your furniture and household objects in an appropriate and safe place. 

Consider such issues ahead of time to keep things organized before you start with your home remodeling. 

To guide you through this phase, here I have rounded up some simple tips you can use to store your household items carefully and safely. 

Use a Storage Container:

A storage container is useful in many ways, take a look at this article on the 8 Advantages of Using a Portable Storage Container when Renovating. It is just like your storage facility sitting right in your driveway. It can accommodate most of the household things during remodeling. Plus, the container provides you the flexibility and convenience when you need those items. Storage containers are also a safe way to hold your furniture as they are locked away, especially if your in possession of expensive items that could easily be stolen. Take a look at this article on whether unique designer items for interior design or worth the money.

Generally, they are available on rent. Make sure to do a bit of research to choose the right one that fits your need. The portable storage provider should offer the cost, size and delivery options according to your requirements. Avoid skimping on size, especially if you have a large piece of furniture to store. 

You can have the container on your personal property for any length of time. If you’re living in a condo or townhome, get your homeowner’s permission to keep them in your driveway or the parking lot.

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See If You Have any Extra Space for Storage:

If you want to save on a storage container, you can use a space or room that you don’t use often. It can be your guest bedroom or an empty part of the basement. Or see if you can create a temporary space if you’re not going to remodel your home at once. The point is here to choose the space you won’t likely need anytime soon, and when your done with using it for storage, here is an article on 11 Home decor ideas for small spaces, so you can renovate it like the rest of your home.

Besides, you can count on the help of friends or beloved ones, to make their living spaces available to store your household items during the remodeling

Properly Store Your Furniture:

It is challenging to clear off your pieces of furniture as they are heavy and large. Top of that, dust, debris and stains of paint can damage your elegant piece of furniture

It is better if you can clear more furniture out of the home as possible. This way, remodelers can work easily without facing too many obstacles. The rest can be taken care of by covering or moving them from the walls. 

Take Care of Your Draperies:

A lot of dust will be there as you reach to the middle of a home renovation project. This dust and debris can risk your draperies, needless to say, that your draperies trap that dust making it more challenging to remove after the project.

Remove your draperies ahead of time and store them away during the project. This can be done by neatly folding your draperies on the floor and storing them in a container away from heat and moisture. Consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit for antique or expensive curtains. However, if you don't want to do this, here is some help on how to clean curtains.

Organize Your Items:

Clearing the items off the house doesn’t mean you remove everything out and toss them in a box. It is important to keep them organized and sorted. After all, you may need to access those things more often during remodeling. And it is quite frustrating when you aren’t able to find your hairdryer or a phone charger due to that large, unorganized stuff. 

Here’s how to keep your items organized and sorted. 

  • Label Your Boxes:

Labels will help you identify what contains what. You can label the contents on the boxes. Just tape a piece of paper slip on them. 

  • Store Your Daily Use Items Front and Center:

It will give you easy access to the things you use more often. Put those things not to be used during your remodel to the back. 

  • Leave a Clear Path Between Boxes:

      Make sure to create a clear path between boxes. This will ensure a path between your stored items.  

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Call In Moving Labors for Heavy Items:

Shifting heavy items like furniture or appliances, no matter where they are, is challenging. You won't like to take a risk as inappropriate handling can damage them. So it makes sense to hire moving labor for such items. 

Home remodeling causes dust and hassles, and your household items will be best protected with the right storage practices during the process. Imply these storage tips during remodeling to minimize your worries and hassles. What do you think? Do you have other tips to share? Or you have some concerns? Awaiting them in the comment box given below! 

Happy remodeling!

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