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The block TV show winners Dee Jolly interior design

Darren and Deanne JollyReality television is all around us, for better or for worse it is a guilty pleasure for millions of viewers. When it comes to home improvement TV shows, what’s not to like, observing a rundown home get renovated and decorated into a home of your dreams has the populations attention. So combine both - reality TV meets home improvement and you have a winning formula. That’s exactly what the Australian hi, The Block TV Show, is.The Block pits 4 or 5 couples against one another to renovate and decorate houses or apartments and then sell them off at auction to the highest bidder. The couple whose renovation fetches for the most money wins… a very simple formula, yet very entertaining.Originally airing in 2003 and 2004, the show was on a long break until returning with even more success and a higher production budget in 2010. The most notable block winners to come from the TV show are Darren and Dee Jolly.The Dee and Darren BathroomAnother bathroom from The Block Gla…

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