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What is a Parlor Room?

You may be wondering what a parlor room is? Well, me too. Parlour room is another name for a reception space. This would have been the first room visitors would have arrived at when visiting someone back in the day  parlour reception room The word parlour room actually comes from medieval times centering around monasteries. The outer parlour was a place of businesses for monks, and the inner parlour was more of a focal point of conversation. In the 18th century and gerogian times having a reception room was a sign of social status.  Where does the name parkour come from? The word actually stems from French ‘parler’ which means to speak. As with the monastery's usage, it was originally meant to speak with people, as almost an audience reception room if you will.  Parlor or parlour  There is an american and uk difference in spelling to parlo(u)r room. This is because the french room was adapted to English and the french spell it either parlour or parlor. This b

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