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4 Interior Design Tips to Make a Hallway Look Bigger

As you settle into fall and spend more time inside, you may notice that certain areas of your home seem cramped and cold. Dark, narrow hallways can make your home seem uninviting, especially in contrast to more lived-in areas like your living room or bedrooms. Although hallways mainly serve as transitory locations, a passageway to other rooms in the house, it’s important not to neglect them or diminish their importance, take a look at this article on 11 Home decor ideas for small spaces.Hallways serve to connect and unify the comfort and overall cohesion of your home’s interior d├ęcor. When your home has a small hallway, you will want to use special design tips to help it look bigger. Here are some ideas that are recommended by designers to create a space that looks larger.Eliminate Excessive ClutterAvoid having excessive clutter in your hallways as it will take up space and make it seem like you don’t have room for items elsewhere. One possible remodel that could help you regain use o…

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